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ABM Systems, a Decision Inc. Company plays a crucial role in the implementation of business intelligence (BI) platforms so that decision makers can solve business problems faster and more accurately than ever before. Organisations which have adopted the technology early have seen significant competitive advantages. From pixel perfect financial reporting to highly visual dashboards, ABM Systems engages with you to build, implement and support robust BI platforms that deliver timely information.


We use powerful insights to create business solutions to critical business problems. We optimise business processes by closing the gap between business and IT.


We create detailed, drag and drop reporting that facilitates valuable and timely insight from company data.


We build dashboards that enable our clients to interact with their data, derive insights and answer their own questions. Powerful visualisations empower our clients to engage with their information in more meaningful ways.


We have created platforms that give our clients access to information anywhere at any time. ABM Systems offers an off-line capability which allows you to constantly engage with your data.


Self-service BI is an approach to data analytics that enables business users to access and work with corporate data even though they do not have a background in analytics.

All users, from business analysts to executives and decision-makers, are able to create their own queries, reports and data visualisations through self-service models that connect to multiple data sources. IT maintains overall access control but no longer acts as an extra step in the query/report request process.


Visualise data in a different way using our powerful map visualisations and location-based analytics – Geo Analytics. We provide comprehensive mapping capabilities to drill down into regions and derive location-based insights.