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ABM Systems is now partnering with Ping Alerting – Intelligent Alerting for BI Platforms

Are you getting to the end of your reporting period and realising you could have responded to changes in your business… had you been aware of fluctuations in company data? Don’t wait until the end of the week, month or quarter. Get notified the moment your data changes.

Ping is an intelligent enterprise alerting platform that combines the simplicity of condition-based alerting with the power of machine learning. Ping seamlessly connects to the Qlik Sense, Tableau or Power BI Platforms to provide a user-driven, self-service portal for creating intelligent alerts. The platform proactively lets you know when the data you care about has changed.

“Ping keeps users from asking last quarter’s questions of today’s data,” RoxAI CEO Ranjit Bahia.

Ping enables users to free up their time to develop their business, not just manage it.

Smart alerts

Alerts can be set up for all BI applications and all the data in those applications, without restriction. Alerts can then be received via email, SMS, Slack, Skype, the RoxBot and a dedicated Ping mobile app.

Being notified the moment stock falls below a critical threshold could have a huge impact on your business. Instant alerts would allow you to stay on top of critical changes in inventory, sentiment, contract renewal, risk and market fluctuations.

Smart suggestions

Smart suggestions provide users with visibility of other measures relevant to them. This ensures they know what their team, their manager and others with similar focus areas are focusing on and suggests measures that should be mentioned based on their usage patterns. Machine Learning enables Ping to get smarter the more you use it.

Simple intuitive interfaces

Ping’s intelligent tools approach ensures users do not get overwhelmed with messages by using smart suggestions to keep the information flow manageable and actionable. Ping suggests the prioritising of alerts to ensure key alerts don’t get lost in the noise.

Ping also provides summary options for monitoring those lower priority measures that still need to be checked regularly. Users are prompted and guided through these interfaces, making it simple to stay on top of things.

Seamless integration

Ping allows users to set up alerts across all the Qlik Sense, Tableau, Power BI and any other ODBC/API enabled system, seamlessly integrating with your platforms security model. It even integrates with Salesforce. The Ping roadmap covers access for alerts from any ODBC or API accessible data source enabling full enterprise coverage while also ensuring the user closely manages the security of access to those data sources.

To find out more, speak to one of our Ping specialists today.

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