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ABM Systems is now partnering with platformmanager.com – BI lifecycle management

PlatformManager is an Application Lifecycle Management solution that helps develop and deploy Qlik Applications. Platform Manager for Qlik enables customers to control their development and deployment of Qlik apps, allowing Business Users to spend more time analysing their data.

Platform Manager encourages collaboration between developers, testers and users, resulting in more efficient development and testing of Qlik apps. It enforces a Development and Promotion process that minimises faults or mistakes.

QlikView servers are automatically synchronised by Platform Manager, making the latest versions of the QlikView application directly accessible to testers and Business users. Dependencies with QVD’s, Excel sheets or Text files are immediately visible to everyone.  Restoring a previous dashboard version in Production takes a single click.

Some Platform Manager Benefits

Compliance: you will have the ability to follow the entire lifecycle of every Qlik application in your Ecosystem. If your company needs to be compliant to specific regulations, this could save hours of investigative hours for expensive auditors.

Time-Saving: Testers can focus on the exact changes made to the application. Changes are no longer lost because Platform Manager interacts with the BI platform in use and keeps a record of every alteration.

Fast Restore: Qlik applications can be restored to the previous version to deal with production issues with just 2 clicks. This allows the developer to solve the issue in the development environment before pushing out to Production.


Platform Manager organises and controls the Development and Promotion of BI applications with easy-to-follow process steps. As a result, you will have less failure, reduced risk and have more time to analyse your data.

Platform Manager is feature-rich, easy to understand and simple to implement.

Speak to one of our PlatformManager experts

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