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ABM Systems Team Member Profile: Somayeh (Somy) Mehrabi

Somy started working with ABM at the beginning of 2019, and she has been a great addition to our team. Connect with Somy on LinkedIn.

Somy has worked with companies in the banking/finance, housing, insurance, infrastructure, construction and public sectors. Somy is interested in improving enterprise performance.

Since starting with ABM, Somy has been mapping and visualising data with Qlik Sense and training end-users how to build their own data analysis apps.

Just this week Somy has been accredited for Qlik Data Catalyst (QDC). From now on she will be our go to person for QDC. Her skills and eagerness to learn makes her an asset to the ABM Systems family.


Why did you move to Australia from Iran?

I moved to Australia about a year ago now. I wanted to find new career opportunities with the possibility of advancing my career. I also wanted to experience the peaceful and multicultural society of Australia. I was looking for quality of life.


What is your work background?

I have a bachelor’s degree in software engineering and a master’s in technology management. In Iran, I worked for 7 years in software implementation consulting and project coordination on large-scale IT projects in the areas of accounting, budgeting, rural development and urban housing.

About 2 years ago, I attended a workshop to learn about Performance Budgeting and activity-based costing. The lecturer recognised my ability and took me on as his apprentice. Working with him, I was able to complete a real-life model, and after its successful implementation, I was taken on as a consultant.

This led to my last role in Iran, where I was involved in a Performance Budgeting.


Tell me more about this project?

I was involved in a Performance Budgeting program that had more than 2,000 users in 740 government agencies spread across 31 provinces in Iran. It was deployed in a complicated environment which suited my highly organised approach to work. I had the opportunity to challenge my multitasking and prioritising skills. This project taught me to remain calm under pressure, stick to my plan and meet my deadlines.

I was involved in this project from the very beginning and was responsible for the cost and time of deployment. This gave me invaluable experience coordinating large-scale projects, including leading a project, supervising a team, setting timelines, multitasking, and managing the expectations of the team and the client.


What technologies and methodologies are you familiar with?

Data is now the world’s most valuable resource, according to The Economist, which reports on antitrust concerns about Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft, all of which have tons of data. Data collected in isolation has no value, so like gold, it needs to be manipulated and analysed to get the most out of it.

I was experienced in project management methodologies (PMBOK® and PRINCE2®), agile framework (Scrum), waterfall methodology and a solid understanding of Performance Budgeting and Activity Based Costing. I am now certified in Performance Budgeting by ICMA Australia.

I also have a good understanding of Analysis of information and business processes. In my current role, I am learning a lot about data analysis and visualisation. Data Analysis interests me, and I can see the benefits it can bring to an organisation.


What are some of the advantages you’ve discovered since working with Qlik Sense?

“Big data” is a term applied to data sets whose size is beyond the ability of commonly used software tools to capture, manage, and process the data within a tolerable elapsed time. Every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), by 2025, worldwide data will grow 61% to 175 zettabytes. One aspect of the big data that makes its challenge unique is its three dimensions; Volume, Velocity and Variety.

However, big data is more than a measure of size; it is an opportunity to find insights in new and emerging types of data and content, to make businesses more agile, and to answer questions that were previously considered beyond our reach. Every optimisation has the challenge of finding their solution to harvest the opportunities lying in wait in their data.

Every business user requires data to make decisions on a daily basis. These business users are from many areas of the business, including product managers, customer service, business leaders, marketers, and salespeople. As these users start to gain a deeper understanding of the structure of the big data and get comfortable using it, they required more self-service capabilities. This allows them to remix and reassemble the big data at their disposal to gain new insights with the hundreds of dimensions available to them.

Qlik Sense contains millions of rows of data enabling the business user to harvest the value of big data.

As a Management Consultant at ABM, I utilised data modelling and the ETL process (extract, transform, load) to extract the data from data sources, transform the data in Qlik Sense to build a data model that will serve the companies reporting needs. Visualisations transform this data in dramatic and useful ways.

Qlik Sense offers all of the benefits of a self-service tool, such as flexibility and ease of use, without compromising on security. I had experience in Iran with several different BI systems. However, working with Qlik since joining the team, I have discovered that it offers faster access to reliable insights from company data. This allows users to make better informed and more timely decisions without jeopardising security or data quality.

I’m proud to work with an organisation that helps companies spend more time using data and less time trying to figure it out.


Now that you’re part of the ABM Systems team, what are you learning, and what do you like about working with us?

I am enjoying working with the ABM Systems Team. I align with their purpose to help companies make better decisions, faster, by bringing our clients the best of breed technology solutions. I have been working here for 6 months, and I am enjoying learning more about Advanced Analytics, Data Management and Financial Planning & Analysis.

I am enjoying working in a multicultural company with team members from many different countries. We learn a lot from each other in terms of technology and culture, and I am proud to be part of the ABM family.


What have you been up to, outside of work since moving to Australia?

I find that I can easily achieve a good work-life balance in Australia. There are so many amazing things to do and see including performances at the Sydney Opera House, many art galleries to visit and lots of sporting events (both local and international) to keep me entertained.

I especially love the wildlife and natural environment in this big beautiful country. I hope to get around the country for many vacations with my camera slung over my shoulder. There is so much to see and do – I love it!

 Somy loves getting out into the great outdoors and enjoying the beautiful flora and fauna on offer in Sydney. She takes many photographs (some featured above) of her new home. She loves the ‘outdoors’ life on offer in Australia. Connect with Somy on LinkedIn.

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