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ABM Systems has a highly skilled team of Advanced Analytics consultants which build statistical practices and tools to enable deep performance analysis and modelling based on past and future scenarios. Our clients gain a competitive advantage through tailored offerings which predict consumer demand, analyse promotional effectiveness and assist in customised analysis across their businesses. ABM Systems’ Advanced Analytics team will help you better predict future performance and which levers to manipulate to change course and achieve financial goals.


Our Customer and Product propensity models group customers and baskets into discrete “missions,” predicting which customers will buy which product. Customer segmentation models group customers together based on buying behaviour and demographical attributes, ensuring they are presented with products and services tailored to their needs.


ABM Systems financial and demand forecasts provide benchmarks and a decision-making platform for budgeting and stock planning.


By analysing Price Elasticity and Product Affinity, we assist our clients to better understand promotional effectiveness and product bundling. In addition, brand loyalty allows retailers to better negotiate promotional offerings with vendors.


Our Supply Chain analytics solution optimises supply chain management. Through our Just-in-Time supply process (JIT) our clients ensure that they receive supply as they need it and only in the amounts required.


ABM Systems Demand Planning Solution optimises business operations by accurately predicting product consumption at an appropriate granularity. With a comprehensive understanding of which products are fast, medium and slow-moving, organisations are able to develop accurate replenishment strategies and maintain optimal stock levels. By effectively managing the supply and demand of stock, organisations are able to improve customer satisfaction, reduce inventory costs and increase revenue.

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