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Gain clarity across your business and the ability to make better decisions faster based on reliable, accurate and timely data. ABM Systems Management consultants will help you leverage your key organisational asset – data. Data Management is the platform from which critical business decisions are made. It is vital that data is accurate and easily accessible by business users. Our highly skilled consultants will help you develop, execute and support your data plans and policies.


An Enterprise Data Warehouse is used for reporting and data analysis. It is the core component of business intelligence and enables an organisation to centralise multiple disparate data sources. Having data integrated in one central place through the use of ETL processes, allows for automation and centralisation of current and historical data. This in turn provides a scalable landscape which caters for analytics and reporting.


In order to ensure data can be trusted for decision making, a defined process for data governance needs to be in place. Data Governance consists of key areas such as, Quality, Availability, Usability, Integrity and Security. Data Governance also includes the way in which an organisation handles information and makes it available to all business users..


Our Data Management team not only have the skills to implement and support the full data lifecycle of an organisation, but we also have the skills to provide reports through Microsoft PowerBI as well as SQL Server Reporting Services. Both these tools allow for dashboards and flat reports which help in making critical business decisions to grow your business.


The data and reporting environments of most organisations grow organically over time as needs and systems arise. This growth occurs over many years which leads to challenges with integration and accessibility for reporting, analytical and transactional processes. ABM Systems has developed an information landscape audit which asks fundamental and objective questions of the organisation’s current data state. Insights derived are used to create a detailed roadmap enabling our clients to restructure and manage their data and environment more effectively.