Decision Points Issue 1

Decision Points Issue 1
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Qlik Encourages the Greater Exploration of Data in its
September 2018 Qlik Sense Update

There are great benefits associated with the September release of Qlik Sense, however, ABM Systems BI Practice Lead Brad Shields advises customers to hold off on upgrading until we can report back to you on the findings of our comprehensive testing.

In its latest September release, Qlik has incorporated some frequently requested QlikView functionality along with new features focused on Advanced Authoring to enable customers to build sophisticated data layouts while improving the speed of application through ease of use.

Features include:

  • Better controls in the Qlik Sense client when using hybrid devices (devices that support both touch and mouse inputs)
  • Set default bookmarks to provide initial selection state when applications are opened
  • More control of your sheet’s layout dimensions – you can choose between responsive and custom sizing
  • Expression Editor enhancements including direct links to help, restructured function categorization and vastly improved search capabilities
  • Visualization control improvements including conditional show/hide in pivot tables and customizable master measures computers

The September 2018 Qlik Sense update also offers the ability to move multiple apps from stream to stream which removes the previous limitations from the Qlik Management Console (QMC).

Enhanced mapping

Further, it also delivers enhanced mapping capabilities including a new Density Map Layer that is very useful when mapping location data dense on a highly localized and detailed level. The Density Map Layer is a multi-colour gradient background where the colour intensity depends on the weight and closeness of points. Further enhancements include general mapping improvements around additional controls and data inputs.


NPrinting (Qlik’s ability to distribute hard copy reporting) administration has been improved, expanded authoring, and improved security for report consumption. For example, you can now import users/roles from an LDAP source and, if desired, substitute the TLS Cipher suite. In addition, Qlik NPrinting now has session expiration log out, output of reports in .xlsm formats and report level password protection.


Additional connectivity with the introduction of Microsoft Azure DB and Jira connectors, while also delivering enhanced security with LDAP authentication within the integrated connector to Presto. More to come later this month on additional SAP connectors including CDS views.

Brad Shields, BI Practice Lead, ABM Systems

And last, the September 2018 Release addresses the mobile security requirements of large enterprise deployments, delivering full support for AirWatch EMM.

For ABM’s Managed Services customers, we will be in contact shortly regarding upgrading you to the June 2018 Service Release 1. For Qlik Sense clients not under managed services, the upgrade can be performed for a pay per hour fee.

We will let you know when we have fully tested and are happy to recommend the September 2018 Qlik Sense upgrade. Also, you will be invited to a Webex session in early October to explore and better explain these new features. The invitation will be in your Inbox shortly.

As a reminder to all ABM clients, don’t forget to take advantage of the Health Check included in your annual maintenance agreement. Whether you’re using QlikView or Qlik Sense, the Health Check is a great way to optimise your install and ensure user satisfaction.

You can view Qlik’s official announcement regarding the September 2018 Qlik Sense update here:

September 2018 Release- YouTube

Issue 01 September 2018