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On Demand Qlik Webinar: Embedded Analytics: Unleashing Insights Everywhere

Get more insights to more teams, faster


Why is embedded analytics so effective at getting value out of data? Because it spreads analytics to every corner of your business, providing insights to your teams right within their existing apps, portals, and workflows. And that results in smarter decisions, faster.

Discover what makes embedded analytics so successful – and which strategies are working best. In the on-demand webinar Embedded Analytics: Unleashing Insights Everywhere, industry thought leaders David Menninger from Ventana Research and Fern Halper from TDWI join Qlik® to discuss:

    • What embedded analytics is – and why it makes such a big impact
    • Embedded analytics in applications – and moving toward automation
    • Business ecosystem expansion with analytics for supplier, partner, and customer portals
    • New business models using embedded analytics, including MSPs and Data as a Service

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