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E-BOOK: Beyond the Hype: How to Get Real Value from AI in Analytics

The dawn of 3rd-generation business intelligence.

We are now entering the third-generation of BI, and AI is driving significant new benefits for users. As leading organisations look to democratise data and increase its use and value, AI helps facilitate simple interactions that are accessible to more people, while delivering deeper and more impactful insights in a more proactive fashion.​

Increasingly, Artificial Intelligence is showing up in the products we use and the activities we engage in, from our workplace apps to our customer experiences. Hopes are high. Promises are extravagant. And the potential is huge. But the reality today is considerably less grand. With typical “black box” approaches, disappointment is common.

It doesn’t have to be – at least, not in the realm of data analytics.

What’s the key to successful AI in analytics? Augmented Intelligence – an approach that brings together the best of machine intelligence and human intuition to accelerate time-to-insight, surface new and unexpected discoveries, and drive data literacy for users in any role and at any skill level.

Download Beyond the Hype: How to Get Real Value from AI in Analytics to learn:

  • How AI hype outpaces today’s reality
  • The value of an Augmented Intelligence approach
  • Key considerations when evaluating AI in analytics

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