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E-BOOK: Data Warehouse Automation in Azure, for dummies

An introduction to Data Warehousing in Azure. 

Find out about its advantages in cost, time to value and real time data for analyics.

As you make the decision to move your data warehouse from on-premise to the cloud or cloud to cloud, there are many things to take into consideration. You need to take into account the differences that exist between an on- premise data warehouse and a cloud data warehouse.

In this book, you can find out how a cloud data warehouse in Azure has advantages in cost, time to value, and the ability to work with real-time data across the organization for analytics. Inside this e-book, you will:

  • Learn what you need to build your enterprise data warehouse in Azure
  • Find out how to move the right data at the right time
  • Sidestep common integration problems
  • Take an agile approach to data warehousing

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