Our financial management practice delivers finance transformation – optimising finance processes and replacing spreadsheets with purpose-built software to reduce risk, improve accuracy and efficiency, and give the finance department more time for strategy.


Adaptive Insights for Finance is cloud-based corporate performance management (also known as enterprise performance management or EPM software) that provides everything you need to enable an active financial planning process. Easy to use and accessible from anywhere, Adaptive’s CPM finance software empowers you and your team to better manage your business.

Everything you need for continuous and comprehensive financial planning, reporting, and analysis. Produce accurate budgets quickly and easily with confidence. Get more insights faster. Deliver stunning reports in minutes. Collaborate across the enterprise from anywhere – by web, mobile, and Excel.

Active Planning: Static planning with manual spreadsheets and processes creates risk and is time consuming. Adaptive Insights enables an active planning process so that your planning is collaborative, comprehensive, and continuous, giving you the speed to plan continuously using data from all areas of your business.

Powerful Planning: Cut your planning cycle times by 70%. Trust your budgeting, planning, modelling, and forecasting process to drive results. Reduce risk with always-fresh data, version-controlled plans, and driver-based models. Save time planning with workflows that keep everyone on task and working collaboratively.

Financial Intelligence: Spend less time compiling numbers and spend more time advising your business partners on the insights gained from self-service, interactive dashboards. Powerful, built-in financial intelligence and analytics help you understand your business better. It’s all connected to the same data sources meaning data is always accurate and up to date.


BlackLine is a provider of cloud-based software that transforms Finance and Accounting (F&A) by automating, centralising and streamlining financial close operations, intercompany accounting processes and other key F&A processes for large and midsize organisations.

BlackLine increases operational efficiency, real-time visibility, control and compliance to ensure end-to-end financial close management and accounting automation from within a single, unified cloud platform.

Finance transformation: BlackLine’s Finance Transformation solution empowers you to manage and control the end-to-end financial close process by automating accounting workflows, providing a centralised and secure workspace to perform period-end accounting activities and streamlining financial reporting. This enables your team to focus on analysing discrepancies and uncovering new ways to create value.

Accounting process automation: BlackLine Accounting Process Automation improves the speed, accuracy and reliability of the reconciliation to adjustment process by automating your routine and high-volume transactional processes. By leveraging a combination of data and process standardisation, embedded internal controls, and real-time reporting and dashboards, accounting and finance leaders can continuously monitor and evaluate performance to drive further process optimisation.

BlackLine smart close: The best-run accounting organisations define and standardise their close processes from corporate to subsidiary, have clear visibility into progress, ensure controls and documentation, and have accountability and assignment of tasks. BlackLine Smart Close enables a simplified, standardised, and automated financial close.


proDacapo is a leading management system designed to empower people to deliver real improvements in performance. Providing solutions for improving the value of service delivery, proDacapo provides time-driven activity-based costing and performance management solutions.

proDacapo empowers managers to:
• develop and execute strategy,
• understand real product, service and customer profitability,
• improve business processes,
• optimise resource allocation,
• measure performance, and
• manage initiatives to deliver improved results.

proDacapo integrates easily with existing transaction processing systems, translating data into powerful management information using Balanced Scorecard, Activity Based Costing (ABC) and Process Improvement concepts.

Highly scalable with several modules that integrate in real-time and warehouse data on multiple platforms including SQL Server and Oracle. Fully web-enabled giving you the capability to access the management information you need, wherever you are.