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Latest Results: Employee Remote Working Survey

Here are some more interesting insights we have gathered form the survey ABM has published recently.

People are actually concerned about the impact of COVID-19

While there are individuals that don’t seem to be concerned, a whopping 59.7% of the respondents indicated some level of concern with 14 % not being sure of how to feel about it. That means only 26.3% feel unphased about the possibility of contracting the virus.

What are the tools being used?

Even though respondents have registered 34 different tools being used to remain productive, there are a number that are being used in combination. The top three combinations are

  1. Email and WhatsApp
  2. Email and Microsoft Teams
  3. Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp

What is interesting to see is the combinations of remote conferencing tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Slack. These tools offer similar features and functionality for conferencing purposes. This could indicate that people might be using different platforms for different purposes (i.e. private vs business, tool per team, etc). If licensed versions of the tools are used, this can be a very costly approach. Companies should investigate which tool services their purpose across the board and make sure all employees are aware of the tools available to them. Company expenditure can be greatly reduced if unnecessary licensing is scrapped.

How is access to company resources affecting the feeling towards working remotely?

From the survey results, it can be seen that there are other factors affecting how people are feeling about working from home other than access to company resources. Respondents generally have access to what they need, however, we still find people not being fond of the arrangement. This could be an indication of people requiring a change in scenery, the need to physically see their peers or unwelcome distractions at home.

When we compare the results to the efficiency of working from home, we can clearly see that efficiency is directly related to the level of access the respondents have to their work resources. It is therefore essential that employers ensure their employees have the ability to access all the resources they need in order to be productive. This includes the right tools to connect to the correct data and platforms.

Overall COVID-19 is having an impact on everyone’s daily routines. We’re getting more responses to the survey by the day. Stay tuned to see the latest findings we uncover in the coming weeks.

If you haven’t completed the survey please follow the link below. We will share more insights after the Easter holiday. 

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