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ABM Systems assists our mining clients in delivering the highest value from their investments in people, technology and processes. Focussing on cost reduction, increased profitability and transformed production, we create and implement strategies, enable decision supporting technology and create sustainable solutions that generate real value.


The ABM Systems Mining Accelerator is an end-to-end planning and budgeting solution that integrates Mine Production, Stores and Bill of Materials, Labour Costing and Planning, Capital Costing and Total Costing into a single enterprise-wide application. Designed to maximise the value of the planning and reporting function across multiple divisions and reporting levels for any type of mining enterprise, the Mining Profitability Accelerator provides a trusted set of numbers, so more time can be spent on analysis and decision making.

  • Mine budgeting and planning
  • Capex planning
  • Life of mine
  • Overtime and Shift Optimization
  • Procurement Analytics
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Mining compliance systems
  • Production analytics
  • Integrated data platforms
  • Intranet and workflows


Track challenging economic climates, commodity pricing and the impact of global demand on your environment. Manage the risk and impact of stoppages due to health an safety risks. Understand the impact production and inefficiencies have on the yield of your mine. Simplify your labour costing model to mitigate your risk as well as automate you reporting.


The Mining Industry has stringent compliance and governance requirements. Non-compliance with legislated policies and procedures exposes companies and their management to significant risk of legal, financial and even criminal liability. The DMMA platform provides a configurable and automated authoring, review, approval and publishing workflow process to ensure the necessary documentation is available and up to date at all times.


Now mining organisations can truly drill down into overtime management and investment. The ABM Systems Overtime Analytics Accelerator provides users, from CEO to shift planner, with insight into the financial and safety impact of decisions taken at a shaft or plant. Through its advanced tools and functionalities, the solution hands the organisation an understanding of the value and return gained from investment into staff overtime.

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