How much information is required to make a data-informed decision?

There are a multitude of decision-making techniques and processes available to you if you look for them. If you need guidance to establish an action plan searching Google will yield many and varied results.

Decision Points Issue 2

As we head into the last months of 2018, its worth reflecting on what has been a pivotal year for Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud and take a look at what’s ahead with the 2018.3 update.

Killing 90% Of Reporting Can Benefit Your Organisation

Cutting back on the number of reports your organisation produces could improve productivity and help you focus on businesses critical questions.

Case Study: Integration Of Financial Data With Adaptive Insights

ABM Systems worked with AUB Group Limited, a leading equity-based risk management, advice and solutions provider in Australasia.

Prepare better month-end commentary for your business

High quality, collaborative, financial commentary will enable your organisation to make better financial decisions.

Information Arbitrage… better served with analytics

There are many more facets to an investment bank than just its trading (e.g. corporate finance, research) but they all rely on data in some way, shape or form.

Unleashing Potential in the Healthcare Industry

The repercussions of having poor or deficient flows of information in any industry can undermine any business but, in a healthcare focused one, the consequences can be dire or even fatal.

The Data Revolution starts here

The Qlik Data Revolution Tour explores the next big wave in BI and analytics – and how a new movement towards data literacy can help you unlock the full potential in your data, your team, and your business.

Take Finance To The Cloud

Please join us for this exclusive event and learn how to establish your finance team as a collaborative and strategic partner within your organisation. We would love to show you first hand, through real life examples from our customers.

Qlik Health & Public Sector Summit 2018

We will be joined by an array of international and local guest speakers throughout the event sharing their stories of success and the journey to get there.

Decision Points Issue 1

In its latest September release, Qlik has incorporated some frequently requested QlikView functionality along with new features focused on Advanced Authoring to enable customers to build sophisticated data layouts while improving the speed of application through ease of use.

ARN Innovation Awards in 2018

The award recognises partners transforming the inner workings of a customer through technology. The nominees and winner will have delivered on the objectives of the customer through either emerging or existing technologies, resulting in tangible business benefits as a result.