What’s New: Qlik Product Release, November 2019

November 2019 Qlik has just issued its latest Qlik Sense release. This latest release includes many new features to enhance user experience, some of which are outlined below… Accumulation Bar chart, Line chart, Combo chart and Table

ABM Systems Team Member Profile: Kevin Connelly

Kevin became interested in technology from a young age. His older brother was a outstanding java developer and was sponsored by Sun Microsystems. By the time Kevin started studying IT, he had a solid understanding of computers and how they worked.

Careers, who we need: Financial Systems Consultant

Financial Systems Consultant We are a growing Sydney-based consulting firm looking to employ a finance professional with systems experience to join our team. You will be exposed to a range of performance improvement projects with a focus on Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting. Enjoy a work environment that is outcome-focused with a culture that genuinely nurtures the work/life balance.

Video: Driving User Experience in transparency project, SIRA Open Data

We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive feedback that our recent transparency project with the NSW State Insurance Regulator (SIRA) has generated. We wanted to share the reasoning and thought process behind the development of this game-changing and easy-to-use open data platform. SIRA’s primary remit is to regulate three key insurance schemes in NSW; The NSW workers compensation scheme The NSW Home Building scheme The NSW Compulsory third party scheme In this video, we outline some of the design thinking behind the platform, to showcase how external reporting projects can drive longer-term engagement with the community.

Open data: SIRA Workers Compensation System Dashboard, June 2019

With recent calls for greater transparency into the monitoring of the financial services industry, regulators are struggling to drive initiatives to publish data for the general public. “This changes the whole landscape of how we deal with our customers and stakeholders. Well done again Campbell Brown and Tyron J Diedricks and the team ABM systems.” – Shane Morris, Program Manager, Data Analytics and Reporting (Contractor) at NSW Department of Customer Services DCS

Migrating to Office 365 and SharePoint online?

Your company is engaging in a new platform, treat it that way. When planning your implementation, plan according to business – not the existing SharePoint structure. The business first approach is critical, new functionality and tools like MS Teams will change the way your users engage with SharePoint and many of the features you had on-premises will no longer be available. Trying to replicate your existing SharePoint sites could be time consuming, expensive and will have a negative impact in the long-term adoption of the new platform. There are still scenarios that warrant leveraging old SharePoint sites, but use these sparingly. Rather focus on understanding what your users need and build according to that.

Careers, who we need: Marketing Operations Manager

Working closely with the Group Marketing Manager and Business Managers, this role is focused on executing marketing campaigns directly or as derived from Head Office and Partner campaigns. Campaigns may also be developed in connection with Business Managers. The key objective for the Marketing Operations Manager is to grow consulting services and / or product sale and on-sell opportunities with existing Key and other accounts, Strategically Targeted Accounts, and for mid to large enterprises in key industries.

Qlik Analytics Summit for Health & Government 2019: Celebrating excellence in data analytics.

Earlier this month ABM was a premium sponsor at this years Qlik Analytics Summit for Health & Government. It was a great event with many opportunities to meet data-centric people in search of data excellence. At the gala evening, icare NSW were honoured with the "Celebrating smart uses of public data' award. The ABM team are proud to have played a key role as the iCare Qlik partner. We love giving power users the tools they need to drive better analytical insights organisation wide.

ABM Systems Qlik Data Catalyst Partner Accreditation

ABM systems, as a partner for Qlik, took the inititive to become Partner accredited for Qlik Data Catalyst™ (QDC). We asked team member Somy Mehrabi to learn the ropes and become our go-to person for QDC.

Data Literacy is much more than reading visualisations and building queries

In the world of Analytics, there is an increasing volume of noise, claiming that the key to analytics success within an enterprise lies in increased data literacy. Power-users and end-users need to be able to read data in different visual formats, to construct their own queries and to identify issues and inconsistencies within data that might lead to incorrect insights or an incomplete understanding. This is good advice and while true, it’s only part of the story.

ABM Systems Team Member Profile: Somayeh (Somy) Mehrabi

Somy started working with ABM at the beginning of 2019, and she has been a great addition to our team. Working both in the office and on-site with client's, Somy has worked with both government and private clients for ABM Systems. She has worked with companies in the banking/finance, housing, insurance, infrastructure and construction sectors.