Prepare better month-end commentary for your business

High quality, collaborative, financial commentary will enable your organisation to make better financial decisions.

Information Arbitrage… better served with analytics

There are many more facets to an investment bank than just its trading (e.g. corporate finance, research) but they all rely on data in some way, shape or form.

Unleashing Potential in the Healthcare Industry

The repercussions of having poor or deficient flows of information in any industry can undermine any business but, in a healthcare focused one, the consequences can be dire or even fatal.

ARN Innovation Awards in 2018

The award recognises partners transforming the inner workings of a customer through technology. The nominees and winner will have delivered on the objectives of the customer through either emerging or existing technologies, resulting in tangible business benefits as a result.

Webinar: 03 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Board Reporting

In this webinar, we will share best practices from other companies who have successfully streamlined their board reporting and increased productivity. Discover 3 steps to free up your resources, automate data collection from multiple sources, and add value through business analytics.

Video: QlikSense Introduction

Introductory Video illustrating how to build and use, reporting and analytical apps using Qlik Sense. "Smart visualisations, help you quickly find meaning by intelligently summarising vast amounts of complex data and revealing actionable insights."

What’s new with Qlik products? (August 2016)

During the webinar we show some of the new features of Qlik Sense 3.0 plus NPrinting 17.1 that will make Qlik more valuable to developers and users. These new capabilities.

ABM Webinar Time for some Sense

Qlik Sense is growing rapidly with new capabilities being added regularly. At ABM, we are recommending new clients choose Sense for the capability, stability and flexibility it brings.

How to Video: How to create customise groups in QlikSense

We explain how to assign different user groups, with different levels of security, to streams in the Qlik Sense Management Console.

Webinar: 02 Demystifying Cost and Implementation Challenges with Adaptive Insights 

If you are wondering, "Will this work for me?" this compelling webinar will help you understand the widely realized benefit of adopting Adaptive Insights.

Accessing Multiple Data Sources: From Stress to Simplicity

Watch this on-demand Qlik webinar to learn how to combine data from different sources including on-premise and cloud applications, like SAP.

Top 5 + 1 Tips and Examples of How to Increase Sales Revenue and Monitor Sales Performance

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn and see examples of how to better analyse, segment, and target customers to increase conversion rates and revenue.