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Solutions for Value-Based Healthcare.

Prodacapo Group provides solutions for improving the value of service delivery in health and social care. We are the leading provider of time-driven activity-based costing and performance management solutions for Value-Based Healthcare across Finland, Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom.

proDacapo Solutions

Our solutions incorporate proDacapo; a leading management system designed to empower your people to deliver real improvements in performance.

proDacapo empowers your managers to:

  • Develop and execute strategy,
  • Understand real product, service and customer profitability,
  • Improve business processes,
  • Optimize resource allocation,
  • Measure performance, and
  • Manage initiatives to deliver improved results.

proDacapo integrates easily with your transaction processing systems, translating data into powerful management information using Balanced Scorecard, Activity Based Costing (ABC) and Process Improvement concepts.


A highly scalable solution, proDacapo comprises several modules, all of which are proprietary, integrate in real-time, and can warehouse data on multiple platforms including SQL Server and Oracle. Fully web-enabled, proDacapo provides your people with the capability to access the management information they need, wherever they are located.

More than 500 customers in over 50 countries are using proDacapo software solutions to improve their enterprise performance.

View a proDacapo Customer Success Story from Pipelife International a leading supplier of plastic systems, and hear how they were able to roll out proDacapo in 27 countries worldwide and how they now have a more accurate costing tool and deeper understanding of how to improve their profitability.

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