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An executive overlay for your Qlik environment

Integrate and interconnect the data within your company

QlikExec is the executive overlay for your Qlik environment, where the metrics and analysis that are performed in your Qlik environment can be easily reported and governed for your organisation.

The benefits of QlikExec

The single source of truth


QlikExec allows for a more integrated, interconnected relationship with data throughout the company. This is because the overlay makes the data more transparent and accessible. It acts as a single source of truth because its where the rubber meets the road, analytics at the fingertips of your organisation’s decision-makers.


Embedded Analytics Capabilities


The tool has been designed to summarise all the key metrics in your environment, and effortlessly embed them into your businesses core operating processes. The simplicity of QlikExecs’ dashboard overlay allows even “non-technical users to drill into the right analytics in seconds“.

Promotes governance and ownership

QlikExec creates an ownership structure based on business metrics that are meaningful to you. By promoting an open-air environment for metric ownership, your business can be assured that the metrics displayed are real, up to date, and summarise the state of play.

Drives changes based on metric tolerances

QlikExec allows you to drive actions in your business when a metric is outside of tolerances.

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