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The COVID-19 lockdown restrictions that governments have put in place have been a hot topic across the globe in recent weeks. This crisis has affected everyone and almost every business in every industry. Some countries have stricter restrictions in place than others, regulating which businesses may operate, if at all. Naturally, this has an impact on the perception each individual has on the situation.

ABM Systems recently conducted a short survey to assess how people were coping with having to work remotely. What we found is that there are some individuals who are struggling to access the resources they need to do their work, impacting efficiency. This should be a concern for businesses.

Very few organisations were prepared for their workforce to suddenly work from home and even fewer were capable of maintaining productivity.

What we found interesting was the number of tools out there being used to enable people to keep working. Not only were big names for traditional remote conferencing such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom listed, but we saw how some businesses adopted WhatsApp (traditionally a social tool) as a method for business communication. On average, people were using more than three tools to get their job done.

The good news is that some countries are starting to ease restrictions, allowing more people to return to work. This brings the next challenge, preventing the second wave of infections. This is where every business and individual has to do their part in ensuring we take every precaution to contain the spread of the virus.

It will be interesting to see how the business either change or stay the same once everyone is able to return to the office. Will policies of remote working become the norm? Will companies look at smaller office spaces to save costs and implement schedules for “office days”? Will they keep the same floor space with reduced staff at the office to allow for social distancing while working?

Click through to read some of the results from our previous survey.




In light of the easing of restrictions, ABM Systems is launching a new survey, Returning To The Office After Lockdownto assess how people are feeling about returning to the office or your usual place of work.

We’ll be looking at what measures people are taking to stay safe and what businesses are doing to assist and support their employees. The survey is totally anonymous, but if you would like us to send you the findings once we have crunched the numbers, you have the option to leave your email address at the end.

In the previous survey, the countries we had the most responses from were South Africa, Australia and Iran. We want to get more countries involved this time to see how we each compare in the fight against the COVID-19. 

Please complete the survey via the button below and share it with as many people as you can. The more responses we have, the more accurate the results, allowing for a more comprehensive and detailed analysis of the data.

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