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Adaptive Insights

“The Decision Inc. team did an exceptional job of implementing our solution. We went live with the system in March 2018 and have gone through a round of forecasting already,” says Marwick.

“We could not have done it without the knowledge and tools provided by Decision Inc. Now that our system is cloud-based, our teams can run their own reports without having to wait for the master document to be circulated. They now have financial information available to them at any time without delay,” says Marwick.

“Implementing Adaptive Insights at our organisation was revolutionary for our business and a significant move forward. So much so, I recently received an internal award for the impact our solution has made at Zoona,” says Marwick.

According to Marwick, since going live with Adaptive Insights, she has saved three weeks per quarter on previously manual updates.

“This enables me to focus more on my core responsibilities and drive business value inside the organisation,” she says.

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Tsogo Sun


“The mountains of paperwork and possible human error that came in with the handling of all the paper invoices and slips manually, were causes for concern. For example, a customer could have slips for dinner, breakfast, cold drinks, and room expenses, all of which can be different sizes. All these have to be stapled together and accompany the master invoice as backup documentation. It was imperative to have a solution that would reduce the risk of losing any of these documents,” says Dawie Beyers, project manager at Tsogo Sun.

“The relationship with Decision Inc. is going strong and will continue well into the future. The company provides us with personal attention and are always looking for solutions to our business pains. The ‘can do’ attitude of the team who worked with us has been refreshing,” says Dawie Beyers, project manager at Tsogo Sun.

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QlikView provided Metorex with the business intelligence platform needed to improve reporting time from several weeks to a few days.  QlikView gave the group the flexibility to automate as much of the reporting function as possible. Frankie Vermaak, Supply Chain Departmental Manager at Metorex

“This meant that we have been able to minimise the human error element often associated with the manual updating of the information. QlikView now provides us with a true reflection of the information we have on the back-end,” Frankie Vermaak, Supply Chain Departmental Manager at Metorex

“Throughout the process, Decision Inc. has been a solid, knowledgeable implementation partner. The company and its consultants took the initial challenges in their stride and made sure that the implementation progressed according to plan,” Frankie Vermaak, Supply Chain Departmental Manager at Metorex

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Mining Accelerator

“Decision Inc. came to the mine, did an investigation for us and worked with us to establish precisely what we needed,” says Johann Riekert Financial Advisor at Wesizwe Platinum.

“They then developed a solution which met these parameters and requirements, and it came in at a far more cost-effective price point than the others.” says Johann Riekert Financial Advisor at Wesizwe Platinum.

“The teams from Decision Inc. worked really well with us in terms of relationships, everyone was always ready to work and deliver on time. It was a very pleasant experience,” adds Riekert.

 “The system is working well, using familiar technology to reduce the barrier to entry. It is user friendly and has allowed for us to achieve more seamless budgeting and given us more control over our data in a central location.” says Johann Riekert Financial Advisor at Wesizwe Platinum.

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Lombard Insurance

Adaptive Insights

“The Decision Inc. implementation has drastically affected process and performance. We do rolling budgets and in the past when we did forecasting it took me a day to update the numbers and send out the excel files. With this new integration it is a press of a button and I can update my forecasts in minutes. What took me a day now takes me minutes.” Nicky van Buren-Schele, Management Accountant, Finance,

 “The best decision we made was to engage Decision Inc. Other than eliminating the time difference, we were able close majority of the gaps and redesign templates that were proving inefficient and onerous. The most beneficial for Lombard was the ability to have one on one sessions with the individual business units with Decision Inc. and simply the availability and presence of Decision Inc in the budgeting cycle from beginning to end.” Nushina Hoosen, Head of Finance, Lombard Insurance

 “The reality is that with Decision Inc. coming on board and engaging with the various department heads, we could structure the solution to fit within their own parameters and requirements. With their help we got customised templates and solutions that fit each department, but also a streamlined ubiquity that meant other departments could get what they needed from the reports without interrupting the course of business. Overall this project has been a success and achieved its goal in automating budgets, reducing timelines and increasing accuracy.” Nushina Hoosen, Head of Finance, Lombard Insurance

 “Prior to the installation of this solution, if I wasn’t available to handle the numbers, the input wouldn’t happen as it was ‘key-man’ dependent. I also couldn’t do it as regularly as required which impacted on users as they had to wait on me to input the data manually.” Nicky van Buren-Schele, Management Accountant, Finance, Lombard Insurance

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