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New decade

New era of data transformation

Companies continue to experience a dynamic shift in the growth of enterprise data. Fueled by a wave of emerging startups, innovative technologies and greater competition, the opportunity to drive faster decision-making has exploded ― but so too have the questions on the best way to architect analytics-ready BI from the modern cloud-ready data warehouse.

Is your data architecture ready for the challenge ahead?

We’re bringing together experts from TDWIMicrosoft and Qlik to help you chart the future. Join them for the webinar, 2020 and Beyond: Architecting Your Data Warehouse for the New Decade, where you’ll get a head start on defining new best practices for a new era. Key topics include:

  • Deciding whether data warehouses and data lakes still make sense
  • Dissecting the role of streaming architectures and defining data best practices
  • Wrangling increasing volumes of data for strategic advantage
  • Evaluating data warehouse and catalog synergies
  • Learning how data integration combined with Azure Synapse can enable an automated, end-to-end streaming data pipeline 

Join us for insights to help you reinvent analytics-ready BI from your cloud data warehouse to stay ahead in the years to come.

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