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Webinar: Beyond the Data Asset

Data & analytics as a new line of business.

Data without analytics is a wasted resource, and analytics without action is a waste of effort. Business transforms when you combine data, analytics and action.

Smart businesses are using data and analytics to gain insight into how to generate new business opportunities via new products and services. This webinar, Beyond the Data Asset, we cover the business value of data highlighting some simple models and strategies for developing actionable data assets.

Ther will also see a demo of Qlik Alerting, an intelligent alerting platform for Qlik Sense®. This amazing addon provides sophisticated, data-driven alerts that help you analyse and respond quickly to sudden or unexpected changes in your data. Agility is so important right now… Qlik Aletrting could make all the difference in our current climate.


Date: Wednesday 13 May 2020
Time: 10.oo am AEST, 45-minute duration


Donald Farmer

Donald Farmer is an internationally respected speaker and writer with over 30 years of experience in data management and analytics. He advises investors, software vendors, and enterprises on data and analytics strategy.


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