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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: “Shazam!” for Your Data

Augmented Analytics for Today’s Business User

Bring analytics to everyone, with the help of AI

As AI becomes increasingly present – and important – so do questions about how to leverage it for business advantage. Some businesses are opting for one-size-fits-all or black-box approaches, but both of those have significant drawbacks.

Augmented Intelligence takes the best of today’s AI capabilities and uses to them within BI to enhance the best of human knowledge and understanding. In the webinar, “Shazam!” for Your Data, you’ll get a first-hand look at:

  • How AI augments human ability by suggesting insights, automating tasks and supporting natural language interaction
  • How to deliver data science and predictive models to decision-makers in a simple, interactive way
  • How Qlik’s augmented analytics capabilities, powered by the unique Associative and Cognitive Engines, work in action (live demo)

Watch this on-demand webinar now!


Chris Mabardy

Senior Director of Product Marketing 


Chris is a Senior Director of Product Marketing at Qlik and has been with the company for 11 years. He is focused on go-to-market strategy and messaging for Qlik’s core products, including Qlik Sense® and QlikView®. He is also responsible for product marketing around Qlik’s Associative Difference, Qlik Mobile offerings, Augmented Intelligence, and Qlik roadmaps. Chris’s background includes product, industry, and solutions marketing, as well as management and technology consulting.

Steven Pressland

Senior Product Manager of Augmented Intelligence


Steven is a Senior Product Manager at Qlik, supporting Augmented Intelligence solutions. He is responsible for ensuring Qlik’s platform provides meaningful insights to users through smarter dashboards, natural language and advanced analytics.

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